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We have a wide range of phones, accessories and services designed to help people with impairments communicate more easily.

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Our phones make it easier to stay in touch with friends and family.

BT Big Button 200

With lots of features to make your calls easier, this is one of our most popular phones. It's got big, clear buttons and easy-to-use volume. And if you've got a hearing aid for each ear, you can use the hands-free speaker so you get sound to both.

BT Premium Phone

Using Bluetooth technology, the Premiuim Phone will receive your mobile calls on your home phone. Helping avoid mobile signal dropouts as you walk around the house. It has built in call blocking technology, so you can take control of all your incoming calls.

BT Décor 2600

This is our first corded phone with call blocking. It's a clever feature you can use to easily screen and block calls you don't want whilst letting your saved contacts straight through to you.

BT4600 Advanced Call Blocker

Just press the block button to stop unwanted calls and let BT Call Blocking deal with the rest. The phone will work with hearing aids and amplify incoming calls. Its two way record facility is great when someone is giving instructions over the phone.

Services from BT

Manage your phone calls, texts and bills.

BT Basic

A simple, low-cost phone service designed for people on a budget.

Helpful accessories

Our accessories can help make life a bit easier.

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We have 'Try Before You Buy' centres around the country, where you can see and handle all our phones to help you find one that's right for you.

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Where to find advice if you're struggling with your bills.

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Choose one of our great-value phone, broadband or TV packages.

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