Managing your texts

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SMS messages and your landline

You can send SMS messages from your home phone to other landlines and mobiles in the UK with BT Text. You don’t need to get in touch with us to set it up, just send a text from your home phone. So if you don’t have a mobile or have run out of credit, you can still send and get text messages.

BT Text is also helpful if you have hearing or vision problems.

To get text messages, you’ll need a compatible phone, with Caller Display. You’ll also need to set the service up first. Take a look at to find out more about it.

If you haven’t registered with BT Text, or don’t have caller display, texts will come through as automated voice messages, called ‘text to speech’.

Any texts from BT Text to your landline, will always show up on Caller Display as coming from 0845 602 111.

Or you can dial 1471 after a voice message and 0845 602 1111 will be announced as the last call.

If you’re getting unwanted texts, go to our unwanted calls section.

Find out more about BT Text.

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