Managing your messages

We've got a range of different services to help you manage your calls, texts and bills. You can find all the info you'll need on them here.

Keeping on top of your calls

With BT Answer 1571 and Call Minder, you get an answering service that makes sure you never miss a call, wherever you are. They both come with BT Call Protect our new service that’s designed to help take the stress out of nuisance calls.

BT Answer 1571 lets you:

  • record your own personalised greeting
  • store up to 20 messages for 60 days
  • use BT Call Protect. 

With BT Call Minder, you can:

  • pick up messages remotely, from any phone
  • choose how many times you want your phone to ring before your answer machine takes the call
  • store up to 30 5 minute messages for 30 days
  • use BT Call Protect.

You'll know when there's a new message in your mailbox, because you’ll get a ‘stuttering’ dial tone on your line.

Just dial 1571 to start using it. For more about charges you’d have to pay, go to

If you have a social or burglar alarm, please check with the company that supplies it, to see if it’ll work with 1571.

BT Call Protect Junk voicemail box

BT Call Protect is a free service, designed to help you reduce the amount of unwanted nuisance calls you receive. With Unwanted calls going into your Junk Voicemail box. And it’s free.

You can access your Junk Voicemail box and manage all of your settings by going to or by calling 1572 for free from your home phone

Find out more about BT Call Protect  

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