Managing your calls

We've got a range of different services to help you manage your calls, texts and bills. You can find all the info you'll need on them here.

Putting you back in control

BT Calling Features are there to help you manage your calls. They’ll help you do things like find out the last number to call you. You can also use calling features to send and receive SMS text messages on your home phone, which can be helpful if you have difficulty with speaking or hearing.

BT 1471

If you miss, or don’t want to take a call, 1471 will tell you the number, as long as it isn’t withheld or available.

There’s no need to sign up for 1471. You just need to dial it from your home phone. You can return the number’s call by pressing ‘3’.

1471 is a free service. But if you press ‘3’ to return a call, you’ll have to pay a fee, even if the call isn’t answered. For more, take a look at

BT Privacy

This service gives you more control over the calls you get. It also registers you with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

You can also choose BT Privacy with Caller Display, which’ll show the number of the person calling. This service does have a monthly fee, but you can sign up to get it free for a year at (a new 12-month line rental contract applies).

Registering with the Telephone Preference Service can take up to 28 days.

Caller Display

Shows you the number of the person calling, if it’s available and not withheld. So, you can decide whether or not you want to answer. For more information and details on charges, see

Choose to Refuse

If you’re getting unwanted calls, Choose to Refuse can help. You can block particular numbers, so they can’t contact you again. And you can always take the block off again if you change your mind. For more information and details of how much it costs, see

Anonymous Call Reject

You can choose to stop callers who’ve chosen to hide their number from getting through to you. But callers showing as ‘unavailable’, like numbers from overseas providers, will still come through to you.

Documents & downloads

Network Controlled Calling: Putting you back in control

Network Controlled Calling can help stop customers causing a nuisance and running up unnecessary call charges, by limiting the numbers that can be called from a home phone line.

Protected Services Scheme

We offer a free scheme to protect you if you can't or don't pay your phone bill because of exceptional circumstances, like being in hospital.

Communication Choices: Free Priority Fault Repair scheme

Under this scheme, we give you priority over standard care levels by dealing with faults as soon as we can, every day of the year – including Christmas Day.

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