Nuisance calls – mobile phone

Here's how you can stop and report unwanted calls or texts to your BT mobile.

How to deal with unwanted calls to your mobile

Nuisance callers are always coming up with new ways to get through to you, and there are a few different types of unwanted calls.

  • Sales and marketing calls.
  • Scams, designed to trick you into giving away your money or personal information.
  • Malicious calls.
  • Wrong numbers.

Here’s how to deal with them.

Unwanted sales or marketing calls

You can ask the marketer to stop calling you. Contact them on the number they called on. Some mobiles and apps can also block certain numbers.

Reporting unwanted calls and texts

You might be getting calls or texts offering a product or service, like messages telling you to claim compensation.

To report a spam text, just it to 7726, which is how you’d spell ‘spam’ on most phone keypads.

You might get an automated response thanking you for reporting the message and asking for more details. It’s a completely free service.

Reporting nuisance calls and texts via Which?

Which? are currently running the ‘Calling time on nuisance calls and texts’ campaign. Every complaint reported helps with the fight to stop nuisance calls and texts.

Report one now.

Reporting malicious, threatening or abusive calls

Some people make calls to cause anxiety, upset or annoyance. You don’t have to put up with it and should report them to the police straight away. The police might then be able to trace where the calls are coming from. They’ll contact your supplier if they need to do that.


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