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BT Call Protect is a free service, that helps reduce nuisance calls. Sending unwanted calls straight to your junk voicemail.

How can BT Call Protect help?

BT Call Protect is a free service, that helps reduce unwanted calls. It has three features that will send unwanted calls straight to a junk voicemail.

1. Personal blacklist
2. BT blacklist
3. Call type divert

To get BT Call Protect, go to and login to My BT. Once activated you can manage your settings online or by calling 1572 (for free) from your home phone.

Personal blacklist

You decide which calls you want to take and which to add to a Personal blacklist. Calls on the blacklist will be sent to your junk voicemail box.

When you first start using BT Call Protect, your list wont have any numbers on it until you add some.

BT blacklist

In addition to your Personal blacklist - We also analyse calls in the network to determine whether they are nuisance calls. These calls are then added to a BT blacklist, we estimate that this list will significantly reduce the amount of unwanted calls you receive.

For simplicity, both blacklists will be turned on by default.

Call types

As well as specific numbers, you can also send all calls from certain ‘types’ to your junk voicemail. The call types are:

  • international numbers
  • withheld numbers
  • unrecognised numbers (‘number unavailable’ and short code numbers).  

You can change your blacklist from your home phone. Just call 1572 free of charge or by going to

If you want more information, you can go to our help pages at

We hope you find the information on this site and in our guides useful. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can call our Nuisance Call Advice Line on 0800 661 441. We’re open 8am to 10pm Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 6pm Saturdays. 

BT Call Protect

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