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BT Basic is a simple, low cost service that helps you get connected if you are on specific low income Government benefits.

Below are some of the question we get asked

What if I don’t qualify?

  • If you don’t meet the criteria for BT Basic (or don't want to use this service) we still want to help you control your costs. Find out more about other BT phone only call packages
  • For customers with just a phone line with us, but are not eligible for BT Basic we have Home Phone Saver. This bundles together line rental, unlimited anytime calls to other landlines and some of our other calling features.
  • If you have a broadband package with us but are not eligible for BT Basic + Broadband, please call us to discuss how we can help.

NOTE: Home Phone Saver is a telephone only deal, it cannot be taken as part of our Broadband packages. Go to or call 0800 587 7218 for more information.

What happens if I go over my call allowance?

  • If you go over your call allowance, you'll pay 11.3p a minute (plus 3.3p for each phone call) for all normal UK calls. All other calls are charged at our standard BT Basic calling package rates.

I haven't used up my call allowance. Can I carry it over?

  • No. If you don't use all of your call allowance you can't carry it over to the next billing period.

What calls are eligible for the ‘price cap’?

  • If you dial any number that starts 01, 02, 03, a UK mobile number 07 or to 08 numbers, you will pay a maximum of £10 a month for these calls.

Will I receive the call allowance and a ‘price cap’?

  • Yes. You will still receive the £1.50 call allowance each month for eligible calls. After this you will be charged for any calls made up to the price of £10 for that month (as mentioned above).

Do I have to make £10 of calls a month?

  • No. You can make as few calls as you like – but if you do go over £10 a month for specific calls, the cost of these will be ‘capped’, and you’ll pay no more £10 a month.

Can I have broadband with BT Basic?

 Where can I get free and confidential money and debt advice?

  • There are a few different organisations who can provide free debt advice and support over the phone and online;
    • National Debtline on 0808 808 4000 or go to
    • StepChange Debt Charity on 0800 138 1111 or use the remedy debt tool at

For self-help debt advice use the interactive online advice service at

You can also get face-to-face advice from organisations like your local Citizens Advice Bureau, by going to Local Age UK centres are also there to help older people.

Age UK have a ‘money matters’ section on their website, which offers a lot of good advice, from how to claim benefits, to advice on debt. Visit or call on 0800 169 6565 to find out more.

BT Basic

BT Basic
Whatever your income, everyone needs to get connected. BT Basic is a low-cost package that helps you keep in touch, even if money is a bit tight.

Home Phone Saver

Home Phone Saver
Home Phone Saver – bundles your line rental, inclusive calls and extra features together into one neat package for a fixed monthly fee.

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