Making calling easier

Tips to help you hear better on the phone, and advice on setting up and getting more from your phone.

Simple tips to help you hear better

Making some small changes can make a big improvement to how well you hear on the phone.

Using your phone

There are lots of ways to make it easier to use your home phone.

Setting up your phone

We've brought together some tips on how to set up and get the most out of your new BT phone.

Try Before You Buy

We have 'Try Before You Buy' centres around the country, where you can see and handle all our phones to help you find one that's right for you.

Managing your budget

Where to find advice if you're struggling with your bills.

Text relay

If you're on the phone and you or your caller are struggling to understand or hear each other, the Next Generation Text (NGT) service can help.

We're here to help

Go to our Help and support section for tips and advice on making this site easier to use, using our services, understanding impairments, and contacting us. To get in touch right now, use the Email, Chat or BSL links.