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BT Group plc Annual Report and Form 20-F 2017 (10.2Mb)

An overview and the detailed business and financial reviews for the year, reports of the directors including reports of the audit and nominating committees, the committee for responsible and sustainable business, the report on directors' remuneration and the audited consolidated financial statements of BT Group plc.

Interactive Annual Report 2017 (10.7Mb)

In this interactive PDF you can do many things to help you easily access the information that you want, whether that’s printing, searching for a specific item or going directly to another page, section or website.

Strategic report 2017 (6.9Mb)

BT Group plc Notice of Meeting 2017 (575kb)

Statement by the Chairman, summary financial statements and directors' report, and the Notice of AGM with full details of the business to be conducted and the time and place of the meeting 



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Shareholder Exclusive

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Delivering our purpose

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