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Milestone adoption for iconic red kiosk

27 April 2017

Disused phone boxes across the UK have captured the public’s imagination since we launched our scheme in 2008.

Many now have a new lease of life. Conversions include cafés, libraries, art galleries, sweet shops, information centres and shoe shine stands.

Rod Goodwin BT payphone operations manager says: “It’s rewarding to see the iconic red kiosk being put to such good use.

“The Adopt a Kiosk programme has successfully transformed unprofitable payphones. It preserves the heritage of the red kiosk, but also saves us significant costs of removal.”

Milestone adoption for iconic red kiosk

They’re also helping to save lives.

The Community Heartbeat Trust has adopted 500 kiosks – and another 50 are pending.

Life-saving defibrillators are in place in 350 former phone boxes. They’re easy to use and can help re-establish an effective heart beat in patients.

The scheme also means communities can keep their much-loved red kiosk.

You can adopt a box if you’re a:

  • recognised local authority, such as a district or borough council
  • parish, community, town council or equivalent
  • registered charity or community interest company
  • Private land owner – anyone who has one of our telephone boxes on their land.

You can buy a red phone box through our partner X2Connect. The most common use is for people to install them in their gardens – as tool sheds, swimming pool showers or other creative uses.

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