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How it works

We do more than just provide guidelines – we’ll help you prove to your customers that sustainability is important to you. Throughout your time with the forum, we’ll keep assessing you and give you a rating: gold, silver or bronze.

Gold - most sustainable product on the market Silver - high sustainability Bronze - demonstrates a commitment to sustainability 





What the ratings mean

Gold – the most sustainable product on the market

  • Lowest waste
  • Lowest emissions
  • Lowest energy usage
  • Most recyclable
  • Most sustainable

Silver – high sustainability

  • Minimal waste
  • Best in class emissions
  • Low energy usage
  • Highly recyclable
  • One of the most sustainable products on the market

Bronze – committed to sustainability 

  • Shown they’re committed with concrete proof

How the process works

There are five steps to getting your rating.

Step one: Get involved

We pick the best suppliers and invite them to join the Better Future Supplier Forum.

Step two: Come to our launch event

In our launch event we’ll explain how the forum works, how we assess and also do an initial assessment to benchmark your company. We look at:

  • how sustainable your design is
  • whether you re-use resources as much as possible
  • how you manage the environment
  • what your strategy is for greenhouse gas emissions
  • how you manage your supply chain.

Step three: Put it into action

We give you training in best practice and have consultants on hand to help you start putting it into action. We also have tools and techniques to help you improve. All of this should mean that you can start coming up with new products and services that are more sustainable.

Step four: Get assessed

We keep assessing you and reviewing your progress against global best practice. The key is to make sure your supply chain thinks about reusing resources as much as possible – called the circular economy. But to push companies to do something tangible, we have our ‘Game Changing Challenge’.

We challenge all our suppliers to show us a new initiative: one that proves that you’re putting sustainability first. It has to:

  •  have a commercial focus
  • drive you to improve your performance
  • think about how operations, design and commercial outcomes come together.

We’ve found that this challenge makes the assessment feel ‘real’ for suppliers, and gives you a reason to think about how sustainability relates to every area of your lifecycle.

Step five: Show your rating

Let the world know what your rating is, be proud, and set yourself another challenge to keep improving. Can you get up to gold?