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Designing our tomorrow

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

We hope that in the future, waste is designed out of the manufacturing process – whether that’s getting rid of unnecessary packaging, making sure we use recycled materials or just being sensible about how we use energy. .

It’s all in the design

We want designers to think about the environmental impact at every stage of the product lifecycle.

What does that look like in action?

You can see this thinking in our new Smart Hub. It’s packaged from recycled cardboard and includes intelligent power management – that means it puts individual functions into power saving mode when they’re not being used. Customers can also control the lights on the hub, choosing to either dim them or switch them off. And its slimline design allows the package to fit through most home letterboxes, which cuts the carbon impact of repeated delivery trips. (Not to mention avoiding customers having the frustration of failed deliveries.)

How it ties into the forum

We’ve created an online checklist, so you can follow the principles that led us to come up with the Smart Hub and Home Hub 5 routers.