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10 April 2015

Milan ‘concept shop’ showcases future of in-store retailing

Concept store

A new concept store in Milan is showing retailers how the creative use of technology can radically transform the in-store shopping experience for their customers.

Designed by BT, and branded ‘Alexander Black’, the store features more than 40 innovative technologies all designed to create a personalised experience for ‘bricks and mortar’ shoppers.

Visitors will also discover how the in-store experience can be seamlessly integrated with a brand’s online, mobile and customer service channels to create an intelligent and consistent experience.

Supporting the omnichannel

And live, real-time demonstrations of BT retail sector solutions help illustrate how customer engagement can be increased and omnichannel strategies supported.

Other demos show how store security can be boosted thanks to the use of innovative video surveillance and anti-theft systems.

“Bricks and mortar stores are challenged by the very deep changes in customer expectations created by the rise of online shopping,” said Hubertus von Roenne, vice president, Global Industry Practices, BT Global Services.

“Successful retailers absolutely need to orchestrate new technology in a creative way and blend the digital and physical worlds so that their customers have the same amazing experience regardless of the place or time of their shopping.”

The Alexander Black store shows how technologies such as RFID, NFC (Near Field Communications), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), beacons and wi-fi can transform the in-store shopping experience.

Delighting customers

Added von Roenne: “From interactive displays to digital screens where the content is personalised by relevant criteria, such as individual shopping history and demographics, there is a huge range of new ways to engage and delight the customers. Being able to integrate these multiple experiences to provide a consistent, joined up brand experience across all channels has become a key priority for retailers.”