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6 April 2015

babylon wins BT Infinity Lab SME Award 2015 by bringing self-service to healthcare

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Smart healthcare app babylon has been named winner of the BT Infinity Lab SME Award: Digital Innovation for the Public Sector for the Public Sector, as person-centred education workflow company Educator and social jobs site Fluency took the runners-up spots.

The seven finalists in Thursday’s Dragons Den style pitch all took advantage of advances in self-service, automation and personalisation of apps and cloud to present persuasive ways to change people’s lives across the UK.

From a range of innovative ideas and benefits, babylon’s mission to provide everyone, everywhere access to affordable, quality healthcare eventually triumphed. BT teamed up with TechHub and the Cabinet Office to judge the finalists’ presentations, culminating in the winners receiving their awards atop the 34th floor of the BT Tower.

Self-service for a better life

Dr Ali Parsa, founder and CEO of babylon, is optimistic about the benefits technology can have for the future of the nation’s healthcare. “I believe we are at the starting line of a new frontier in healthcare. A very different way of keeping our country healthy is unfolding, making the future of healthcare significantly better and smarter value for all. This award gives us a huge opportunity to work alongside BT to make that future a reality.”

babylon’s app provides simple and quick video appointments with doctors, as well as fast answers to health questions, prescription services, secure health record storage and health monitoring. Its success has seen it rocket up the download charts on both the AppStore and on Google Play.

Dr Parsa continued, “We are unbelievably honoured and excited to have the backing of BT on this area of new ideas and initiatives, boosting people’s access to doctors and information about health. Our app means a video consultation with a respected doctor is just a swipe away, meaning we put healthcare back into the hands of the general public.”

Creating technology

Will Pryke, BT head of Infinity Lab said: “At the heart of Infinity Lab is the desire to use technology and the breadth of opportunities it enables to improve lives, from the smallest child to our eldest citizens. babylon – alongside Educater, Fluency and the other deserving finalists – are fantastic examples of how UK innovation is creating technology for social good.”

The Infinity Lab competitions, held in conjunction with TechHub, seek to identify and support start-up businesses who are using the power of communications to make a better world.

Winners of awards pick up a prize package including support and mentoring from BT and TechHub.

The finalists were:

  • babylon personal healthcare service (winner)
  • Educater communications platform to help students with special educational needs (runner-up)
  • Fluency social enterprise for digital skills and job search (runner-up)
  • KO-SU mobile learning for teachers, trainers and leaners
  • HTK local job platform for young people
  • MyFlo teachers collaboration and best practice platform
  • Plus Guidance online counselling solution