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24 August 2015

BT technology goes full throttle for Williams Martini Racing team

Williams Martini racing car 

Cutting edge technology developed by BT has been taking centre stage in this year’s Formula One championships after the company agreed a multi-year strategic technology partnership with Formula One team Williams Martini Racing.

Since the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in May, BT’s high performance networking services have been used at Formula One races to connect the Williams Martini Racing trackside team with the engineers at its race operations centre in Grove, Oxfordshire.

Go big, go fast

Each race produces between 60 and 80GB of raw data that needs to be sent immediately for analysis.

BT’s secure global network reliably carries this real time data at speeds of 100Mbps.

This has enabled quicker pitstop practice and race video analysis, improved applications performance and real time telemetry.

Engineers at both locations can now share and quickly analyse very large amounts of data on the spot allowing them to maximise the car’s proficiency during the race.

“To have partnerships that bring in technologies that help us find those tenths of a second, those hundreds of a second and those thousands of a second, will help to narrow the gap and drive our performance forwards,” says Claire Williams, deputy team principal and commercial director at Williams Martini Racing.

BT also optimised the network infrastructure with acceleration capabilities, removing latency issues.

Invaluable instant communication

Graeme Hackland, IT director, Williams Martini Racing, says: “Instant communication has allowed us to take a step forward.

“BT has provided us with a secure link from every race track in the world back to the factory in Grove.

“The advice and guidance from BT across the whole landscape of IT challenges, with social, mobile, analytics, cloud, where to put your data and how to make sure it is secure, is absolutely invaluable.”

He added: “Being able to take advantage and benefit from BT’s technology and innovation is tremendously important to Williams.”

Sharing a drive for performance

Since announcing the partnership, world renowned Williams Martini Racing has placed BT’s logo on the headrests of the Williams Mercedes FW37 car.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive, BT Group, says: “This partnership is about creating possibilities. It is ultimately about the people and enabling Williams to be the best they can be.

“Our best specialists have been installing very fast, resilient and highly secure network services for Williams all over the world to very tight timescales.

“We share their drive for performance and our technology is being showcased under the most demanding conditions."

Check out the video to find out more.