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21 January 2015 

‘Internet of Things will affect us all’ says BT blog in The Economist

John Davies

A blog by BT’s chief researcher on the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things has been published by The Economist.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the name given to the increasing trend for connecting to the internet many types of devices that have the ability to sense, communicate, network and produce new information.

In his blog, Dr John Davies, from BT Technology, Service & Operations, highlights some of the main factors in the rapid expansion of the IoT - something, he says, which has the potential to impact almost every sector of the economy.

“People and organisations are getting increasingly comfortable with sharing information,” he says in the blog.

Accept the changes

“Tens of millions of tweets are sent every day and 100 hours of video content is shared to YouTube every minute. Thus there is a broad acceptance of the notion of the information-sharing platform on which the successful use of IoT data will depend.”

He continues: “But we will also need appropriate policies and technologies that protect the privacy and security of individuals.”

As well as the potential to help address a number of increasing societal challenges – such as environmental concerns - the IoT has the ability to monitor and control aspects of the physical world, says John.

See more clearly

“For example, if all players in a complex manufacturing value chain publish sensor data to an IoT hub, there is the opportunity for much-improved visibility, planning and management.”

John is involved in a number of BT Internet of Things projects and will lead BT’s contribution to a forthcoming government-funded collaborative project ‘Hypercat4All’.

He is a member of the advisory board of the Hypercat consortium, an industry body driving IoT interoperability standards.

You can read John’s blog in The Economist.