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15 February 2016 

Growth Builder will help ambitious digital businesses hit the heights

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BT is putting its weight behind an exciting new business growth programme that aims to help UK digital SMEs (small and medium enterprises) reach their true global potential.

Growth Builder is now inviting applications from the very best UK companies that are keen to ‘scale-up’ and take on the next stage of growth.

Firms selected will embark on a bespoke year-long programme that will give them unrivalled access to innovation and expertise as well as investors and successful entrepreneurs.

Growth Builder is backed by the government, universities and leading British corporates including NatWest and BT.

The programme, designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, is the first of its type to bring together private and public partners to offer a fully adaptive educational curriculum geared towards UK businesses ready to grow.

BT Infinity Lab

The first programme will kick-off in late April 2016 with monthly events, workshops, and coaching groups. Many of the events will be run and hosted through BT Infinity Lab, a programme which provides a front door to BT’s engagement with entrepreneurs and the UK’s start-up community.

Growth Builder’s organisers are on the look out for firms with proven track record of success and the potential for significant future growth. As a guideline companies should have either £1.5m revenue or 20 staff and have grown by more than 20 per cent per year for the last two years.

Will Pryke, head of the BT Infinity Lab, said: “BT is thrilled to be part of the Growth Builder team and supporting high-growth British businesses and the wider digital economy. This is very progressive initiative which will demonstrate that ambitious firms don’t have to go to the US to scale their business.”

Powerful partners

Growth Builder has been designed by NatWest, BT, UCL, Loughborough University, UKTI, the UK Business Angels Association, PIE Mapping and Fast Growth Forum. Among those leading on the programme’s business mentoring will be Sherry Coutu CBE (Lovefilm & Zoopla) and Brent Hoberman CBE (lastminute.com).

Sherry Coutu CBE, serial entrepreneur and investor, said: "The UK is leading the world in the creation of innovative and fast-growth start-up companies - we have much to be proud of. I look forward to seeing the impact this programme will have on productivity and UK economic growth for years to come