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24 November 2014

BT helps Euan’s Guide give power to the people

Euan’s Guide, an innovative app launched in March 2014 which helps disabled people to feel more confident when they’re out and about, has gained a huge following thanks to support from BT.

The app and website features disabled access reviews from disabled people and their friends and families.

The people’s choice

In July Euan’s Guide scooped the BT Infinity Lab People’s Choice Award, opening doors to more support and enabling the app and website to go from strength to strength, as winners get six month’s support from BT, including access to knowledge and expertise from all divisions including research and development, engineering, legal and marketing.

Kiki MacDonald, Euan’s sister and co-founder of Euan’s Guide, says that BT has been an invaluable partner in developing the site and app. BT is providing commercial and technical advice and support, and has helped to run usability tests on the technology, facilitating the creation of new and improved versions of the website and app – the latest being launched this month.

On top of this, a new promotional video for the guide has been produced with the help of BT which is available to watch on YouTube.

Help to improve and grow

Kiki MacDonald says: “We’ve been really impressed and delighted with all the people we have come across at BT and how they have been prepared to do what they can to help us grow. Everyone we have come across at BT has been willing to give us some time.”

Innovative user testing of the site by BT put the guide through its paces, ensuring that it is up to scratch for people using assistive technologies such as screen readers (audio read outs of the text - used by blind and partially-sighted people) and Eyegaze technology (which allows people to browse and use the internet with their eye movements).

Daniel Ballin, senior innovation consultant and head of growth at BT’s Accessibility Practice, said: “Euan’s Guide empowers disabled people, supports their carers and rewards organisations that have invested in making their venue accessible which in turn will help them attract more custom – it is extremely compelling.”

The help BT has offered to Euan’s Guide is part of the company’s work to boost innovative start-up tech businesses through the Infinity Labs unit. Based at London’s Silicon Roundabout, the Lab space was opened by London Mayor Boris Johnson earlier this year. This collaboration with Euan’s Guide is a powerful statement about how communications can be used to improve the lives of many.