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Careers in Marketing

We have one of the biggest marketing spends in the UK. Our teams cover the whole span of marketing, from sifting research for insights into what customers want and studying what the competition are up to, to refining messages and measuring the success of what we do.

If you want to work on big-budget, award-winning, high-profile campaigns, this is the place to do it. From broadcast, online and print to direct marketing, PR and sponsorship deals – on everything from fibre broadband and mobile to TV and sport.

You'll get the chance to work with some of the country's top agencies and best talent. You'll be challenged in a ferociously competitive market. But your work will make a difference, in winning customers and keeping them, promoting our values and supporting our growth. Interested? Read about what it’s like to work here…

Remzi Dournay

 Remzi - customer relationship management database marketing consultant

My role is to support the marketing team with their campaigns through my understanding of data and database marketing principles. They look to me for guidance and advice about whether their ideas are workable and help in reaching the right groups of customers.

BT is huge but it’s been easy to network and get to know people. My inbox was flooded after I won a bravery award for helping pull an injured man out of an overturned petrol-soaked car. I’d also helped save two people’s lives while on holiday. People were incredibly supportive, although some want me to warn them where I’m heading for my next holiday.

I’m also a great advocate for volunteering, something BT encourages anyway. I’ve helped at the Paralympic Games and I work regularly with a group of students on app development.

I had a marketing background when I started which really helped. It’s also useful to be comfortable with numbers for what I do. But I’ve learned heaps about technology on the job. That’s the great thing about BT. I’ve had the chance to work on lots of different projects and products.


Shailini - general manager of customer marketing and loyalty

The pace here is tons faster than anyone thinks – and you’ve got to be prepared for anything. A previous employer told me I’d be bored at BT: nine years later I’m still here. We do surprising things all the time, like launch a Sport channel, launch a mobile brand, buy a mobile brand.

My team tells our customers everything they need to know about their products, their relationship with us, what’s new and what’s changing. We produce all customer messages, from welcome letters and loyalty messages to the magazine that comes with their bill and updates on discounts and contracts.

We also work with other departments like Customer Care and BT.com to keep our customers happy to stay with us.

Balancing the different things we have to do and getting up to speed every time we launch a new service makes our work exciting and varied. We’ve come such a long way in the past four years.

BT’s given me an awesome range of work experience. As well as various customer care roles, I was lucky enough to be involved in the early days of our other broadband brand Plusnet in Sheffield.