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Major & Public Sector

Our Major & Public Sector team look after larger companies that do business with us mainly in the UK. You'll also be managing our business and public sector relationships with Government, working with the increasingly devolved regional public sector agenda across the UK.

This also includes our successful business operations in Ireland. You'll be helping us to make things simple by transforming complex technology into everyday experiences that make a real difference.

Want to hear a little more from Colm O'Neill, Managing Director, Major and Public Sector? Watch our video below:

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Find out what it's like to work here from our people: 


Jeff Hillis - Account Director Criminal Justice, Major & Public Sector

Jeff Hillis, Account Director Criminal Justice, Major & Public Sector

Hi I’m Jeff and my job is to manage and grow accounts in the Criminal Justice sector in Northern Ireland. I’ve been in BT for over 20 years after joining as an engineer. In the years I’ve worked here I have had the opportunity to work in many different roles, gain new skills and meet lots of new people and build great business relationships with our customers.

With BT you can be sure that no two days are the same. There’re always a new technical innovation to maximise and it’s really great to be able to take these to our customers and demonstrate how our products and services can help their businesses to thrive. I think our customers respect and value the way BT does things, and it’s certainly a company I am proud to say I work for.

My favourite thing about working in BT is the satisfaction of taking a large contract or project from concept right through to a successful delivery.

As well as an exciting role, BT gives you three volunteering days a year so you can make a difference to individuals, communities of causes that are close to your heart. A lot of us take the opportunity to use our knowledge, experience and skills to help make a better world!



Ben Newman, Client Sales Executive, Major & Public Sector

Ben Newman, Client Sales Executive, Major & Public Sector

Hi, I’m Ben Newman and lead a team to develop new business in large UK Government accounts, managed by the Business and Public Sector organisation.

We put a strong focus on ensuring we deliver brilliantly, build on the core services and add value to the customer and the citizens of the UK. Because I’m working on large programmes, and within the government sector, I’m lucky to work a wide range of BT products and with our Research and Design team and suppliers to bring new innovations and services into operational reality.

I joined BT through the Graduate scheme in 1996. Since then I’ve developed as a business analyst, management consultant and now I’m a business development director. Working for BT has helped me to achieve my ambitious career goals and work with a wide and interesting range of customers.

I particularly enjoy working with BT to make a difference to the citizens of the UK using BT’s fantastic range of services, innovation and insight. It is great to work for a company that encourages us to deliver well for our customers and deliver value.

BT also supports me both in work and outside of work with the charity and community work I do.



Joanne McPoland, Desk Based Sales Manager, Major & Public Sector

Joanne McPoland, Desk Based Sales Manager, Major & Public Sector

I started working with BT in the Belfast office four years ago as a team manager. Through great training and my own personal determination, within 10 months, I was promoted to the position of sales manager with the BT Business team.

Today I manage a great team of people in a dynamic, busy and supportive environment. It’s our job to provide a trusted advisor role to private sector companies, which helps to drive the Northern Ireland economy, and I’m very proud of that. We use BT products and services to help our customers succeed in their business objectives and always strive to provide an excellent customer experience.

I’ve worked for a number of companies and by far BT is the most determined to provide a diverse, supportive working environment which reflects the society we live in. The support network we have enables me to lean in and receive mentoring from a range of our successful executives from right across the business.

BT is a place where energy, dynamism, commitment, hard word and talent are allowed to thrive and are well rewarded.

I’m so glad my career path has led me to work for one of the leading, innovative and successful companies in the UK.