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Every Office Has One...

Every Office Has One…  

Over time, we all get to know the individual personalities and quirks (both the weird and wonderful) of our fellow colleagues around the office. The chances are, you’ll be more than familiar with these workplace characters – or one might even be you!

The High Fiver

Palms at the ready, arm in the air! You cannot walk past this guy without an obligatory high five, whether you want or deserve one – it’s going to happen. Just remember to never leave them hanging…

 High five

Mr Tuppaware

Two words – meal prep. The healthy lunch-er who plans meals 2 months in advance? Yet always seems to forget to take home the Tupperware?! Cue the weekly plastic container avalanche every time you reach into the kitchen cupboard to grab a mug…You know who you are, Mr Tuppaware!

 Mr Tuppaware

The Dark Horse

Ever been wowed at an office party by a co-worker with a hidden talent? Who knew the guy who sits two desks behind you was a champion ping pong player!? Or your boss can belt out a karaoke tune to rival Whitney Houston? Keep an eye out for those humble, Dark Horses!

 Dark Horse

The Hero

This type of person is living proof that not all heroes wear capes. If there’s a deadline looming, they’re ready and more than happy to give you that helping hand. Every offices needs AND wants this type of person.

The Hero