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5 reasons why you are a perfect fit for BT

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a perfect fit for BT?

Here at BT we continue to champion talent, with thousands of individuals from all walks of life making the most of the endless variety of careers and roles available across the group. Our people are given the opportunity to work on incredible campaigns, such as becoming the most powerful 4G network in the UK and the proud exclusive home of European football on BT Sport, all of which have led us to achieve brilliant results and industry awards. We continue to grow through the great work of our BT family, but we’re always striving to do more. With such a wide variety of careers available – from Engineering in Openreach to Broadcasting in BT Sport - you’ve probably got the skills to join our team, but what about having the right attitude? We’ve identified our top 5 characteristics which would make you a perfect fit for BT.

1. Customer’s Champion

We’re always working on ensuring the best customer experience possible. To do this we need people who are passionate about putting the customer at the heart of everything they do and going the extra mile to make sure they stay happy. When a customer was extremely ill and wanted to spend his last days in his home, our amazing team in Belfast was able to install a broadband connection on Christmas Eve, to allow a live feed of his health condition to the hospital which meant he could stay in his own home. We have stories like this from all over the business and we’re on a transformational journey to ensure everyone across BT champions the needs of the customer in every decision they make.

 Engineer helping customer

2. Self-Starter

Motivated and proactive people are vital for us to continue innovating and producing amazing ideas to stay ahead of our competition. We’re always on the lookout for people who go out hunting for the newest, coolest innovation in their field of work and who are always motivated to keep making improvements. Our Research and Innovation teams work with the best and brightest minds across the world – the smart folk at MIT, Silicon Valley and Cambridge to name a few - to make sure we’re staying ahead in the tech world. But we need every person at BT to commit to always improving themselves, the way we work and the tools we use to help us be brilliant. 

3. Problem Solver

We’re living in an increasingly digital world, where we need to make our products and services brilliant and simple for everyone. We regularly use insights to create practical solutions to excite our customers across the world, whether it’s providing great mobile and sim packages which allow the whole family to get involved giving you more savings, or providing bandwidth services at superfast speeds. This can be very difficult, but we love the sense of achievement when we do this well.

Behind the scenes at BT Sport 

4. Straight Talker

We’re a huge company so we need people who are able to adapt their communication style to suit people from all over the world, whether it’s talking tech to a team in India or simplifying their complex ideas to share with their customers in the US. We need to be as clear as possible, both internally and externally, to make sure we’re promoting the right message, protecting our brand and making life as simple as possible.

5. Open Minded

We’re always looking into testing new technologies and ideas and, where we can, really show off the awesome work we do. We need to continue to employ people who are willing to consider new ideas and can think through the commercial realities of them. There are new technologies being released all the time so it’s important that we can test and create a better world for all our consumers. We also need to be adaptable to meet the changing digital industry and change our approach to different business activities, to make sure we give the best outcome for all of our customers.  

 BT technologies

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