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Our culture

Our success doesn’t just come from what we do. It’s how we do things and why that really matters.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world.

We bring together the best networks, the best technology and the best people. Making connections, driving innovation and creating new possibilities. Working hard to create a great experience for both our people and our customers.

When we do all these things businesses grow, communities flourish and people get more out of life.

That’s the difference we’re determined to make, every single day.

Best place to work

We want BT to be a place where our people feel engaged, be themselves, and inspired to be the best they can be. We want to be a high performing, thriving organisation, where difference is celebrated and innovation is a big part of who we are.

To do that we need brilliant collaboration and shared ambition. Where our leaders are challenging but supportive; where we celebrate success; where we are able to learn as we grow and where our people make customers feel valued by delivering great experiences.

At its heart are our values. They guide our decisions and behaviours.

Our values capture the spirit of BT at its best.

Our values

Values shape our culture. They help guide our decisions at every level. They define how we work every day. In short, they show us the right thing to do.

We’ve thought long and hard about what makes us unique. How we’ve changed already, and what we want to be in the future. And we didn’t develop our new values in a dark room. We asked our customers what they thought. We asked colleagues right across our organisation too.

We all wanted values that were aspirational, but realistic – things that captured the spirit of BT at its best.

Our customers wanted us to understand their needs, be easy to deal with and show we care.

Everything we were told led us to three words: Personal, Simple, Brilliant.

Every single person in BT has a role to play in bringing these values to life - wherever people sit in the business, whatever job they do and wherever in the world we live.

Modern Slavery

We have a number of relevant policies in place to set expectations of how we – and everyone who works on our behalf - will work to prevent modern slavery. We believe everyone’s entitled to basic rights and freedoms, whoever they are and wherever they live. Modern slavery includes human trafficking, forced, bonded, child or prison labour. This kind of labour is not acceptable in our own operations nor those who work with us or on our behalf. 

Do you have the qualities we’re looking for?

Embrace change

Embrace change

It’s good to be restless. It’s good to want more. It’s great to make better.

The opportunities here are diverse and rewarding; especially for those who can embrace change and be open to new ideas.

You’ll be passionate about our customers and business, sharing our commitment to making a difference in the world.

People first

People first

We value relationships and we cherish collaboration. Be there for each other.

We are a people first organisation. We value relationships and human networks and combine this with a healthy view on work-life balance.

You’ll achieve your fullest potential by truly connecting with others and exploring all the possibilities we offer.


Play your part

Play your part

Your ideas drive us forward. Share them. Celebrate them. You make us stronger.

We’re in this together and everyone has the opportunity to play their part. Our strength comes from our collective desire to succeed.

Find a better way

Find a better way

Joy is a journey. Let’s constantly strive to delight our customers, in everything we do.

We’re always looking for the best solutions for our customers. Our work is a journey. Progress needs new ideas and perspectives.