Wholesale & Ventures

We provide network products and services to more than 1,400 communications providers (CPs) operating in Great Britain. We also offer services for media companies and broadcasters, and our ventures teams offer a broad range of products and services.

In the wholesale operation, we’re seeing the traditional market shrinking as some CPs build their own network infrastructure. But the demand for next-generation services like Ethernet is expanding, and we’re committed to making sure our customers get the great products and services they demand.

Our Media & Broadcast team provides real time video, audio and data transmission solutions for content owners, producers and channel service providers. We serve more than 500 media production and distribution customers across the globe, streaming up to 16,000 hours of content a day, all through our video switches at the BT Tower.

On the Ventures side, our portfolio includes the following businesses:

  • tikit provides software and IT services to law and accountancy firms
  • BT Redcare protects hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the UK against intruders, accidental fire or arson
  • BT Cables supports and supplies a global client base with our comprehensive cable and accessories product portfolio
  • BT Fleet provides award-winning fleet management, vehicle maintenance and accident management to some of the UK’s most recognisable businesses
  • Directory Solutions is the sole distributor of the UK’s directory information to producers of directory products and services
  • BT’s Phone Book is the only UK directory that includes business and residential listings
  • BT Machine to Machine (M2M) allows customers to connect devices and enable two-way communication of critical information, any time, any place
  • Payphones handles over forty thousand calls every day and provides additional services such as advertising, cash machines, wi-fi and small cell mobile hotspots
  • BT Supply Chain – underpins complex supply chain management for both Group businesses and a fast growing external customer base.  

And we provide essential voice services to UK customers via 999, 118 500 and Next Generation Text Service, helping those that can’t hear or speak on a phone

How we’re doing

In Q2 2016/17 our broadband revenue grew again, while Ethernet delivered another good quarter with a 17 per cent increase in the rental base to 41,500.

In July we launched a new platform which makes it quicker and easier for our customers to order Ethernet circuits online. This joins existing solutions like Business Zone – a self-service portal through which CPs can manage their orders and any faults.

In July, our Media & Broadcast business completed work upgrading 20 leading football stadiums around the UK with ultrafast fibre. This means that 40Gbps of fibre capacity will run directly from each Premier League football ground to the BT Tower, delivering live footage of matches to both national and global audiences.

Wholesale & Ventures business structure 

ceo image
Garry McQuade
Chris Sims
MD, Strategy, Marketing and Mobile
Damien Maltarp
Chief Financial Officer
Deepak Mahal
CIO Wholesale & Ventures
Gavin Jones
Director, Mobile Sector
James Hennah
CEO, BT Media & Broadcast and Director, Fixed Sector
Keighly Droy-Whelan
Director, HR
Mike Cook
Customer Service & Operations
Nicholas Hale
MD, Ventures
Rebecca Scott
Chief Counsel
Steve Best
MD, Products & Regulation