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BT's quarterly newsletter for analysts, consultants and investors - Issue 43 - March 2017

Declaring war on nuisance calls

Kelly BarlowBy Kelly Barlow, Director of Voice and Mobile, BT's Consumer division

In January we launched BT Call Protect, a new call diverting service to prevent nuisance calls. It's the first of its kind in the UK and is available for free to all BT home landline customers.

Our research shows that, on average, people receive four nuisance phone calls every week. That means the service could see 30 million nuisance calls a week automatically diverted to a junk voicemail box, before they reach customers.

The same research also shows that many people find nuisance calls more than just annoying: two-thirds of women and just over half of men find them stressful, and more than a quarter of all people are concerned about their parents or grandparents getting nuisance calls in case they get conned. The calls are most commonly from accident claims companies, but also regularly include calls from PPI companies and computer and personal data request scams.

BT Call Protect is easy to switch on and simple to manage from a home phone or online. It's been made possible by technology that processes large amounts of live data to identify rogue numbers (often those calling large numbers of people) and adds them to the BT blacklist. This will divert up to 15 million calls a week from personal accident claims and PPI companies alone.

Customers can also compile their own personal blacklist by dialling 1572 after receiving a call or by going online. If large numbers of customers identify troublesome numbers, they will be also added to the BT blacklist. BT Call Protect can also be set up to divert whole categories of calls, such as unrecognised calls or those from withheld numbers.

To activate the free service call 0800 389 1572 from your BT landline or sign up via BT's Call Protect webpage: www.bt.com/callprotect