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BT's quarterly newsletter for analysts, consultants and investors - Issue 43 - March 2017

60-second guide to BT Radianz

Michael WoodmanBy Michael Woodman, Head of BT Radianz, within BT's Global Services division

An average of $5.1 trillion (£4.1 trillion) is traded on foreign exchange (FX) markets every day1. It's a sector where delays of milliseconds can cost companies millions. We recently announced that we're going to boost the competitiveness of our global financial industry customers by linking up the world's five main FX locations with a new managed network: BT Radianz FX express.

In this 60-second guide, we give an overview of BT Radianz and the new BT Radianz FX express network.

What is BT Radianz?

The BT Radianz Cloud is the world's largest, secure, networked financial community. It's made up of thousands of brokers, institutions, exchanges and clearing and settlement houses, reliably accessing hundreds of applications and services over a single connection. It's part of BT's 'cloud of clouds' strategy to give firms greater control over how they use cloud-based applications and services.

So if a financial services provider needs to communicate for financial markets or banking services, payments or order routing, for the front office or the back office, the BT Radianz Cloud helps them to do so quickly, securely and reliably. The simple model uses both managed hosting and connectivity services delivered separately or as a seamless bundle, with built-in security and resilience, delivering 100% availability.

How does BT Radianz benefit the financial markets community? Why would someone want to be on the BT Radianz Cloud?

BT Radianz is a proven cloud community for the financial markets, replacing the need for a complex 'spaghetti' of individual connections. It allows application and service providers to reach a ready-made global marketplace. So being part of the BT Radianz Cloud community helps its members to find new growth and revenue opportunities, maximise the value of their technology budgets and redefine approaches to governance, risk and compliance.

And as the BT Radianz Cloud reduces complexity and enables customers to provision resources in a far more flexible manner, it means that financial services firms can focus on their core capabilities, saving on total cost of ownership for their trading infrastructure.

Who are members and providers on the BT Radianz Cloud?

There are more than 400 providers delivering thousands of application-based services critical to the everyday functions of the financial sector. These include brokers, exchanges, electronic communication networks (ECNs), multilateral trading facilities (MTFs), foreign exchange (FX) venues, information and analytics providers, order management firms, clearing, settlement, depository and post-trade providers.

How can the new BT Radianz FX express service help clients?

BT Radianz FX express is the latest addition to the BT Radianz broad portfolio of services. It's been designed and built specifically for the high-performance delivery of market data and trading applications. It links up the world's five main FX locations (UK, US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong) with dedicated high-speed, low-latency links. These five financial hubs are involved in 77% of the world's FX trading1. This gives traders faster access to market data across the five locations, and makes it easier for them to execute trades, while lowering costs and creating opportunities for international growth. This compliments the existing footprint of the BT Radianz Cloud to other locations to give market participants a 100% fit to meet their market and liquidity reach needs.

1Source: 2016 BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey