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Sales is a big part of what we do to make our business successful. Last year we delivered a great performance and worked as a sales team to win some great deals in both the product and managed service areas. This year will definitely be more challenging but we have a great team, great support and a market that is evolving and growing all of the time. We are offering both higher and degree apprenticeships in Wholesale sales as follows:

Desk Based account managers – This will be the higher apprenticeship role. In this role you will deliver and lead qualification targets and excellent customer satisfaction, by selling business solutions and specialist products from the desk, as opposed to face to face. Sales are initiated by either an inbound or outbound call, or referring qualified leads out from the field sales team.

Commercial / Sales – This will be a higher apprenticeship. If you are technically minded with an interest in quantitative analysis then coming to work in our specialist sales team will give you a great opportunity to work closely with the business and customers to deliver a great sales strategy.

Entry requirements

For the higher programme you will need to achieve (or have achieved) 2 A-Level qualifications with a minimum of CC grade by September 2017 (or equivalent qualifications).


Account managers - London and Manchester
Commercial Sales - London

We only accept one application to our Apprentice Programme, so please only apply to your first choice. If you're interested in more than one of our roles you can state this on your application, we can then consider you for all of the vacancies you have selected.

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We want to see the best of you at every stage of the application process. So here are some hints and tips to help you along the way.



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